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Love You To the Moon and Back

Being an avid supporter of holistic nutrition and health, I was elated to find an edible on the market that hit all the check marks when I’m looking for a healthy snack.  Moonmans Mistress peaked my interest right from the start as the brand combines a paleo diet with the […]

Annie’s Story

My relationship with cannabis has evolved so much since my first bong hit in the summer of 2006, after just graduating from high school. I was 17 years old and I had been avidly against smoking anything since my grandfather had passed away from lung cancer. But a few Bacardi […]

Cannabis Research: Why You Shouldn’t Believe All You Read

We’re now used to hearing the call for “more research” in the ongoing struggle to legalize cannabis. It’s often a chicken and egg situation where the forces that be don’t want to legalize cannabis due to the lack of research, and the lack of research is due to the status […]